Caydee Scheidemantel

About Me

Caydee  Scheidemantel is a researcher, writer, healer, chef, designer, entrepreneur, lifelong student of finance and business and above all a mother.  She has been practicing neuromuscular massage therapy since 2010 and owns/operates her own practice in Oklahoma City, OK.  

She has a passion for life that drives her abilities to their full  potential. Always learning and adapting to the challenges and  circumstances that present themselves. She is a brilliant solutionist,  identifying and analyzing problems and taking effective action to  resolve them.  Understanding the effects of the solutions and explaining in depth to the clients as she addresses their problems. Coming up with creative  solutions for long term and immediate results is her strong suit. Transferring knowledge  from one situation to another in order to resolve a multitude of issues  that can arise in one’s body. 
“I love coming up with insightful solutions” says Caydee, who is  continually growing and strengthening her relationship with the human  body.   

Caydee has competed in the World Championship of Massage 2019 to 2022 in  Copenhagen, Denmark and was a silver medalist at the first ever World  Massage Festival’s American Massage Championships in 2022. She will be a fierce competitor in the 2023 World Championship of  Massage and the American Massage Championships.